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Wednesday, May 8

14:30 MDT

Using C++20 Ranges Effectively
This course provides a survey of C++20 ranges and their application. Ranges are the largest revamp of the Standard Template Library (STL) in 20 years and will impact daily C++ programming dramatically. Some of the changes seem minor, but full utilization of ranges is much more transformational to coding practice.

The tutorial goes beyond the basics to explore what's behind the library. For example, understand the key differences between algorithms and views and when to apply them. As the first major library in c++ to apply Concepts the tutorial will look at Range Concepts and how the library utilizes the new language feature.

Chock full of example code and a few exercises this tutorial will bootstrap programmer's usage of std::ranges. The tutorial will be updated to reflect the latest c++20 changes as of Kona meeting.

avatar for Jeff Garland

Jeff Garland

CrystalClear Software
Jeff Garland has worked on many large-scale, distributed software projects over the past 25+ years. The systems span many different domains including telephone switching, industrial process control, satellite ground control, ip-based communications, and financial systems. He has written... Read More →

Wednesday May 8, 2019 14:30 - 16:00 MDT
Hudson Commons

16:30 MDT

Parametric Expressions: A Proposed Language Feature
This presentation will explain and review Parametric Expressions (P1221), a proposed language feature for C++. Parametric Expressions are a hygienic macro on expressions that occur during semantic analysis and template instantiation. Simply put, they are functions without an actual function call or type. This allows working with intermediate "placeholder expressions" such as overloaded functions and parameter packs resulting in more concise interfaces that hide scary template code, while also providing a means for lazy evaluation. Because it lacks overloading, function type instantiation, type deduction, SFINAE, and all of the other features that function templates provide, it can make build times considerably faster especially when the type names are bloated.

First, there will be an entry level expository for those who have no idea what Parametric Expressions are along with simple, motivating use cases. Then we will gradually work our way up to more complicated uses that would benefit library authors involving techniques such as mixing compile-time with run-time computations.

Audience participation and discussion is highly encouraged.

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Jason Rice

Jason is a web applications programmer with an appetite for C++ metaprogramming having made small contributions to Boost.Hana. He is actively working on the library Nbdl, waiting for the day when C++ takes over the web.

Wednesday May 8, 2019 16:30 - 18:00 MDT
Flug Auditorium